He-ro or Her-o?

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  1. Chidiebere says:

    Lol get a YouTube channel

    1. Gloria says:

      Lol, my in time…

    2. Gloria says:

      @chidiebere lol, in time…

  2. Leyira says:

    Great mind of urs der Gloria… At a point u got me . Buh yea I bliv we’ve all got our HEROES.. I LOVE this post, thanks

    1. Gloria says:

      @leyira thank you very much.

  3. Superman says:

    Believe it or not it’s the same in this half of your world. I’ve been building muscles for a conquest i know nothing about; maybe cause it’s summer, maybe cause winter is coming. Somewhere inside i know it is for you, I wanna be there and ready. I’ll listen when you grumble, support your ideas when the world doesn’t get it, take your side when you get in trouble, I’ll even cover your slack when you get sloppy. I’ll hold you when you doubt yourself, kiss you when you’re insecure, I’ll give you space when you need it then drop a spaceship by your side when you’re asleep.
    I won’t leave you in your comfort zone, when we’re outside and something awkward happens i’ll make sure we own the moment, cause that’s when the best memories are formed. We’ll go on adventures together; outside in the day and in the bible at night. I’ll tell you soo many dry jokes your sense of humor will take a weird twist. And cause I know you’ve got muscles to flex I’ll step back for you to take the lead when you need to. I’ll run my hands through your hair when your stressed and need comforting.
    Be patient for now cause I’m not yet perfect, there’s more red than blue on my costume. I’m tired too, the pointless cycles of being made ex when i want to be her-o. I twisted Asa’s song for you babe, be my girl and i’ll be your hero everyday. But till then this hero will save his energy, i’ll stay humble as zero.
    To her..

  4. nckan says:

    Hey Gloria, I think you’ve found your match.

  5. nckan says:

    Hey Gloria, I believe you found your match. I must confess, you are an expectional writer. Keep shinning baby. Meanwhile, send super man an email. He could fly over to your place

  6. nckan says:

    Hey Gloria, I believe you’ve found your match already. Why not send this ‘Superman’ an email? I must confess, you are an expectional writer. Keep shinning.

  7. Gloria says:

    I do two things when I’m touched, either I become speechless (which is rare as I am quite talkative) or I start to ramble, this made me speechless, simply amazing. I’ve only got one thing to say, can I be your Lois lane?
    P.S; this is my very first love letter

  8. Gloria says:

    @nckan my match huh, we’ll see about that. Thank you for the compliment, you keep shining too.

  9. Superman says:

    As is mine, and you already are

  10. I really like your post Gloria, how I wish to know you more. send me your facebook user name I will like to add you as my friend. I love your inspiration and your write up. Please keep it up. Thanks.

  11. Beautifully written girl! The truth is we all need to first be our own hero and then be empowered to be someone else’s too. It’s like you need self-love to love your neighbour.

    1. Gloria says:

      that’s a way of seeing it, thank you Tomi.

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