ETP talks: Forgiving without an apology

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  1. Chinwe says:

    Many people are going through this and it’s really not easy. We just pray for God’s grace.

  2. Anthony Efosa says:

    A lot of people are going through such situation, even in other aspect of life. Total forgiveness is usually very difficult especially when you are really hurt, you just have to learn to manage your mental health so you don’t overthink the issue. And we need to always understand that there are certain things we can’t change, especially how people react to things. People will never own up to their fault except been forced to do so. I pray you find some one to offload these hurtful memories, so you can feel relax and i pray God heal that wound. I totally understand how you feel and thanks for sharing.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Thank you very much for your advice and prayers, amen ❤️

  3. Adedolapo says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I’m sorry you have to remember those ugly memories due to the news around.

    My prayer is that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will flood your heart and give you the wisdom you need to deal with this.

    Maybe speaking to a Therapist/Christian Therapist would help you sort through the emotions and help you figure out the right way to go about it.

    Please, don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t just wipe away the memory and act as nothing happened. Yes, forgiveness is part of who you’re in Christ, but it doesn’t always come easy, especially due to the nature of what occurred.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Thank you so much Dolapo, really grateful for your grace-filled words ❤️

  4. Iyebiye says:

    Wowwwwwwwwww. I couldn’t even imagine

    1. ETPBLOG says:


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