Never underestimate the importance of healthy psyche. 


For a long time I never thought much of mental psychology; so long as one had their sanity I thought - that was that. But when you meet people that have had life-altering effects due to a psychological imbalance, or even experience one for yourself, you realise it's importance. 

If you feel there's something you're going through, or if there's something that bothers you deeply - don't assume you're the only one who goes through it. Find someone you can trust and share your problems. The saying goes "a problem shared is a problem half solved", just talking about your issues has a therapeutic effect in itself. 

 And if you feel for whatever reason that you don't have anyone to trust, or you simply would like my advice, you can drop me an anonymous message; I'd be glad to offer the best advice I can give. 

Psychology - don't underestimate it.


  1. I would like advice on how to make a friend's parents change their mind on their kid changing schools 😉 great blog btw