Sometimes real friends take the time to point out your flaws to you with the hope of making you a better person (either lovingly or not), which is all fine and dandy, the issue then is what do you do when you come to the realization of the fact that you’re not proficient in a particular ramification of your life? How do you handle accepting that you haven’t got it altogether, that you’re not “set” or as close to perfect as you thought?
These are pretty deep questions and if you’ve ever experienced something like this before I need not explain the difficulty to answer them further. It’s almost like you were never the person you thought you were, more like you had simply been putting on an act and someone saw the real you in between scenes. This actualization comes pretty hard but it need not be the end of you. No, like any other battle it may weather you down for a time but you can still win the war.
Let’s say you find out that you have a resting mean face which makes people avoid interacting with you because they think you’ll snub them or be horrible to them and they’ve made a decision that you’re a rude person based on your facial expression. If truly you had no idea you looked like that and you aren’t actually so mean, this realization may hurt and that’s understandable. But it doesn’t mean you can’t change for the better, yes you may never get to change the opinion of some people but you can change for yourself. If you truly don’t like a characteristic you see in yourself you have the power to correct it; no matter how deeply embedded it may seem.
The ball is in your court.