Heyy beautiful readers!
I made this huge discovery a last week – my hair can do wash and go’s!! For the longest time I always believed it was for people with 3C hair and my 4B/C fro just wouldn’t be able to achieve it – so I never tried *covers face*. Then I came across a Natural Hair Youtuber – LiveNaturallyLove who has even kinkiest hair than mine and her results convinced me to give it a try. You can watch below to know how I achieved the style!

Now I didn’t have all the things she used so I made do with the products I usually use which are:

VO5 Nourish my shine Shampoo

Organics Deep Conditioner

And of course, the legendary Eco Styler Gel for hold.
Here’s the first style I did after natural drying in big twists (like LiveNaturallyLove did):

My night routine consists of dividing and packing my hair into 4, wrapping the curls on themselves and wearing a satin cap.

The next morning all I had to do was spray water on the curls to make them bounce and I was good to go! Almost unbelievably simple haha.

Day 2

On day 3 my hair was beginning to bore me (I don’t like having the same style for too long) so I switched to a side parting and low bun.

By day 4 my hair’s volume began to expand and I was running a little short for time in the morning so I packed an easy as pie puff!

Over the weekend I co-washed my hair and re styled it with less gel so it dried faster and this was my weekend style:

And when I wanted to do something a bit more reserved I opted for a simple dual Grecian braid.

And there you have it! 5 ways to wear your wash and go – I’d love to see your results of you give it a try – which you most certainly should if you have natural hair! Remember – nobody’s hair is “too tough/thick” for a wash and go!
Till next week,