Who’s Your Best Friend?

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  1. Comment: I have a best friend called Nwabuoku Adaobi Celina. we became best friends 2 years ago on the 4th of November 2013. she has been a source of help, fun, a good dance partner, spiritual check up, caring, jovial and she’s very realistic..A big shout to you darling… love you so much.. God bless you

  2. Tijesunimi says:

    Many thanks for this post. I will like to say that the word “best” from best friend is very relative. The way people describe best friends differ based on knowledge, perception and experience. Personally, I would say a best friend is someone who knows my silence rather than when am loud. Someone who sacrifices for me and ready to sacrifice more. Someone who scolds me in love. Someone who appreciates even the least of whatever I do. Someone who prays for me. On ocassions, I have found myself in overwhelming situations that I wish I had someone to talk to. On the ocassions, whsat I did was to pick my phone and call, after the chat I fell like I have not heard such words before because it just meets my needs and I feel bliss and peace. Because I am more of an indoor person, I do not have loads of friends as such no wonder not many are close. My parents have fit in perfectly into the best friend role. I have personally decided to be positive while been neutral just to avoid issues. This is just my opinion.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for your well explained comment 🙂

  3. girl under the great blue sky says:

    well explained indeed! The guy basically wrote another post. My best friend is an angel called Tomi and though its well past “national best friend day” I feel I owe it to this awesome lady to mention how much I love her.

    1. admin says:

      Aww this is beautiful I feel everyday should be a day to celebrate the people we appreciate – I wish you and Tomi many more years of positive friendship

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