The Real Lagos – By Daniel Aderiye

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  1. Sam Ludas says:

    Lol… Without meeting you in person, you’re truly a lagosian. I almost laughed my eyes out when going through those outlines. An Enugu friend of mine came to Lagos for the first time sometime last year and never wanted to leave after she saw a few drama.
    Lagos is home of weirdo, apart the rush hours the hustle and bustle, lag is really a fun place.

    1. admin says:

      Hahaha I’m glad you enjoyed Daniel’s piece! Yes Lagos is truly one of a kind

  2. Aderiye Daniel says:

    Thanks Mr Sam Ludas, I am really glad u enjoyed it

  3. Timi Adesanya says:

    Interesting one from Daniel …… A funny but true piece.
    Chai. This your write up makes me
    I can’t wait for your next
    Ghostbusters for your neighbours ….. #campaign

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