ETP HO Diaries: Getting Things Right

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  1. Olayinka adedolapo says:

    Bing reading your blog posts, thank you for always sharing your experiences both the good and bad ones.

    Helps me prepare my mind for the things that lie ahead of me❤.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Aww sweetie I really appreciate your comment! God bless you as you go on in your career successfully ❤️❤️

  2. Chimere Kanu says:

    Great post here dear. Making emotional deposits did help me a lot during my House Job year. I recall that on my call days (especially while on posting in Internal Medicine), as “first responder” I covered at least 8 wards (Male and Female Emergency Ward, Male and Female Private Wards, Male and Female Infectious unit, Male and Female Medical Ward, Renal Wards/Dialysis) in addition to the A&E/GOPD! We had few house officers for a massive teaching hospital and the few 15 or 17 of us were made to do the work of at least 100 of us!

    Enter Nurse Joyce and her army of amiable nursing Matrons and nursing officers! My diligence and genuine commitment to my patients won them over; in addition to my courteous approach in dealing with them. You will agree with me that they love to these (Courtesy and Respect).

    The Doctors-Nurses or Doctors-JOHESU “friction” never got the best of my relationship with them. They stood in for me (when I had to run up all 8 wards to attend to various patient health demands), only calling when it was absolutely necessary. They understood how busy the calls could get and trust me if you are not in their good books they’ll make sure you life and energies were carelessly spent.

    I made emotional deposits through courtesy, hardwork and sacrifice and while I cannot highlight all the events that led to that, I can say it’s worth exploring for the good of the patient and the Healthcare provider vis-a-vis the doctor and the caregivers.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Thank you so much for this in-depth experience! I’m really glad it helped you too, this work can be a serious energy drainer and we need all the support we can! Really appreciate you sharing this 🙂

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