Now for those of you who reside in Lagos, you’ll agree with me that there’s just no place like #lasgidi on earth. Buh I didn’t come to eulogise Lagos, no, at least not today, maybe some other time. What I sure came to do, was to shed more light on some little things that we may not have noticed, all thanks to the ever busy life of an average lagosian #dusktilldawn
Now I can’t say much for the Lekki and VGC’s them, but I can sure speak for those of us on the mainland, especially those of us living in the ghetto, now in Abule Egba (a suburb in the outskirts of the city) where I live, it’s pretty much the modernised Ajegunle, its got all the crazy, frenzy and shiz niz stuff you know Ajegunle has, but recently big money bags started moving in and things began to change, coupled with the bridge being built by #PresidentAmbode, yes I sed President Ambode, because Lagos is a country, Ambode is the president. 
Abule Egba over the last five years has now become pretty much a popular location on Google map! Many of you will agree that Lagos houses a lot of weirdos, some of whom happen to be our neighbors. Luckily for me I don’t have weirdos as neighbors, but wat I do have are ghosts, 😱😱😱 I know right. Well apparently, I hardly get to see my neighbors even during the day unless the following takes place:
1) NEPA wants to cut our light: Everybody all of a sudden becomes visible.

2)NEPA brings outrageous bill: This time you won’t only see them but hear the depth of their voices.

3) When There’s A Fight Happening Down The Street: Don’t we all just love to be entertained😄😊

4) When LAWMA comes to pick trash: This is when you know the real cause for mosquito in the compound.
Whether you accept it or not, #lasgidi will always always be my hood till I die #bornandbred #Lagosian4Life, and certainly a choice location for anyone in search of fun and adventure. Oya lemme come and be going, I have evening Safi’s to attend, cash ya lera, kizzes😁😄😊 #EkoOniBajeooooo #ObajeTi

Meanwhile please comment if you’ve ever lived in or is living with a weirdo as a neighbor, would love to hear ur story! 

Thank you 

Daniel Aderiye

Facebook: Daniel Aderiye


  1. Lol… Without meeting you in person, you’re truly a lagosian. I almost laughed my eyes out when going through those outlines. An Enugu friend of mine came to Lagos for the first time sometime last year and never wanted to leave after she saw a few drama.
    Lagos is home of weirdo, apart the rush hours the hustle and bustle, lag is really a fun place.

  2. Interesting one from Daniel …… A funny but true piece.
    Chai. This your write up makes me
    I can’t wait for your next
    Ghostbusters for your neighbours ….. #campaign