The push has turned to shove
I feel like crumbling down

The pressure is way too strong

Breaking point is at sight

Please take me away

To that happy place

Where sorrow is deemed foreign

And laughter will reign

Where we have only memories

no regrets

No troubles

No stress

Where the sun will shine bright

And will run free

And there’s no risk

Like the sting of a bee

And when it sets

We can run into its glow

And when the moon comes out

My inner peace will grow

Sun, rain, breeze or snow

There’s no where else I would want to go

But for now that place is abstract

In mind it stays intact

My secret, my refuge where no one else can go

I’d rather be selfish so no one can know

But when I’m in need of hope

I’ll retreat to my precious place

And then I’m home.