Hi everyone and welcome to the latest edition of the Instagram style feature! This week we’ve done a feature on an Instagram celebrity, @ikofficial who has over 21,000 followers on his own pages, as well as a fan page! He’s a fashion blogger, singer and multiple award winning model; let’s dive straight in!


Hi IK! Thanks for having us and congratulations on your recent awards!
Thank you ma’am.
Let’s start with one of your casual looks. If you were going somewhere in this outfit, where would you go? What were the thoughts behind the outfit?

Jeans – Levi Shoes – Adidas Jacket – Asos I guess Shirt – Underated Co Sunglasses – @no_structure on Instagram

You could wear this outfit everywhere except a formal event. You could go to shows, events, clubs, the cinema or anywhere fun with this. It has swag and it’s comfortable. If you feel hot, you could just take off the jacket and wear the shirt inside. Of recent, I’ve been going into casual outfits more because I’ve been all about the corporate life; though I had my reasons for being the suit and tie guy most times, but now I’ve decided to get more of my audience involved by doing a lot of street wear often. So this is basically one of them, something simple and nice.
You’re the King of corporate! Tell me about this look, what kind of man would you imagine would wear this and the type of occasion it would be worn to.

Shirt – Next – Shoe – Bostonian brogues by Clarks – Wristwatch – Panerai.

Haha. Thank you.
I would say an Office Man can wear this. The 8am-4pm man can wear this, this is basically the outfit for a working class man. Simple and sophisticated.
This photo looks like so much fun! What was the concept of the shoot and who came up with it? Also, how do you feel about all white ensembles for men?

Outfit can be gotten from www.theconstituencystore.net

Haha. This idea was mostly that of the photographer. He wanted something totally different from my usual self. Something of me breaking loose from that gentleman shell. And I decided to go with it. I think all white for men chooses the kind of person and event. I wouldn’t advice all white for a formal event or to the office. All white would be something pimps would wear – that’s for corporate outfits, and for street wear, rappers and youths could rock this. All white selects it’s crowd. Not everyone can or is advised to rock this kind of outfit.
Lastly, this photo is ingenious – we are instantly drawn to the footwear being modelled! Please tell us about their designer and some info about the realities of being a model :)

Sandals – @GafariHumarnia on Instagram

Firstly, I’m not into sandals but as a model, there are just some things you’d have to get along with, as comes with the occupation. I really liked this sandal because it was quite different from all the sandals of various designs that I’ve been seeing around. So I decided to give it a shot and from responses, it came out great!
The designer is also someone who just started the shoe business and decided to be creative and different and I was quite impressed.
I’m very grateful for your Time IK
Anytime beautiful, anytime.