Many of you know I’m a Christian, and maybe some know I’m a member of Deeper Life Bible Church, but what most of you don’t know, is that my appearance decisions were made long before I joined the church in 2013.
2013?! Yep, I’m one of the rare young people that decide to join Deeper Life, most young people I meet there have been born in the church or grown up there from a young age. But that’s not the point of today’s post – I want to talk about beliefs, not necessarily just mine.
One thing I regard as highly important is knowing why you’re doing something. Why do you go to school everyday? Why do you wear your hair like that? I think having a reason for your decisions is key in keeping a firm footing in whatever you set your mind to do. For me, I have solid reasons as to why I dress the way I do, it’s not simply because “that’s how people at my church dress” – what if tomorrow a declaration is made that deeper life ladies are now mandated to wear trousers everyday, does that mean all I’ve stood for will now go up in the wind? 
Of course not. This is where solid reasoning for every decision is needed – so that no matter what happens around you, you’ll be able to stand firm knowing the real reason for your stance on the issue.
So ask yourself – what do you stand for, and why?

Peace & Love,

ETP xo