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  1. Greg Udoji says:

    Great piece madam Gloria, you have a lot to explain to me. Inspiration to write this way comes from somewhere ( winks)

    1. Gloria says:

      Hiya Greg, you remember the cat that got curious? Lol, it kinda died. Nice name by the way

  2. Athanatos says:

    Phenomenal this is the best post I have read so far. That’s the way to go, turn your pains into fuel. I Know this all to well. Christ is your home, He will never leave you. Believe me this is soooooo!!!!! true. I can’t express it but if you set your mind to know him he will shatter and exceed all your expectations. Mortals only care about themselves, but there’s someone who only cares about your wellbeing, he is God he will lead you to your other half.

    1. Gloria says:

      Aww, this is one of the nicest compliments i’ve ever recieved.Thank you very much for your advice, I’ll be sure to put it into consideration

  3. Athanatos says:

    By the way I am saving this page

  4. Athanatos says:

    BTW I am saving this page

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