Manchester Derby Pre-match Analysis

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  1. hardufeh says:

    Nice analysis

  2. hardufeh says:

    Nice work

    1. Tolulope says:

      Thank you. I really appreciate

  3. temiloluwa says:

    I am a Manchester United fan, but I think city is in a better spot for the game, 2:0 win for the citizens is what I predict

    1. Tolulope says:

      I think city is still a work in progress that needs serious improvement especially in their positional plat since it determines how fluid the formation will be. The right hand side is still a little stiffened. Let’s see how your prediction goes if you get it right I’m prolly gonna start consulting you before every game to know my teams fate lol

  4. Jesutofunmi says:

    That’s a good one bro,,Great writer…you would get there

    1. Tolulope says:

      Thank you. I really appreciate

    2. Tolulope says:

      Thank you.

  5. Daniel says:

    Firsr of all ama Barca fan as well #ForgaBarca. For a first shot, I would say this is quite almost top notch, but I believe there’s always room for improvement, meanwhile turning to the game, i see two tacticians trying to outwit themselves, but if I must make a prediction, it would be a draw, why because mourinho has an ego that he won’t like to be injured again by pep, so he’d rather throw legs behind the ball, after he has gotten a goal. But his plan would be to score first, so as to make his defensive pattern more easy.

    1. Tolulope says:

      I really appreciate your comment. I completely agree with you on the “wounded mourinho” part but I think he’d rather sit back and frustrate the opponent the depend on daily blind the long ball specialist to escape man city high defensive line. It will be great to see how the game goes. You may need to watch out for guardiola’s winger because they have a lot of work to do today most especially dribbling wise. But let’s wait until the game. I’ll be writing the tactical analysis after the game I’d really want you to check it out. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier I had to solve some issues with how to respond as admin of the column

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