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  1. Daniel Aderiye says:

    1st up I must say, ur write up just made me wanna Read, & I mean dt in a gud way, #thumbsup, on d oda hand, I think I wud lik 2 agree with wat u sed, doze Grammy pole HV crius mood swing issues, Neva thought a Carly rae japsen or even one direction wouldn’t mke DT list, wel I ges all isn’t fair in luv and war. Beta luck next year guys

    1. Boombox Hero says:

      Thank you very much! Yes! Definitely Surprising People Were Left Out! I guess we just hope they have better lucks next time indeed.

  2. Daniel Aderiye says:

    I wud agree wit u on d mood swing ish, o da bi eni pe awon Grammy yen won wa okay, I mean y wud u Lea e out a Carly rae japsen & a one direction, especially one direction, its just bunkas, on the other hand reading ur article just made me wanna read, & I mean dt in a gud way

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