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  1. Superman says:

    The weekend was placid. The irony, I looked forward to Monday cause it gives me butterflies.
    I was in the clouds today, saw the skies go from blue to gray and back. Felt the sun’s smile turn to a smirk as he made the clouds sad; and they did cry. But it all has to happen, it’s part of the cycle.
    I can promise you this though, the silver lining wasn’t disappearing. I merely borrowed from it to craft my lady a ring of hope.
    All this while I didn’t need my cape, neither did I have an appetite. My belly was full of soft, leathery flapping wings that kept my feet above ground.
    I’m a tough guy in the costume. The rest of the time I hide behind my glasses. I promise you I catch the details, but I won’t show up for cosplay. I’ve found you but there’ll be a layer around the costume.


    1. Gloria says:

      I could get used to this lol, sweet, articulate and just stuff dreams are made of, thanks.
      Lois lane

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