ETP Talks: Season of the Chase

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  1. Brammy says:

    This part of you used to tickle my curiosity

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Hahaha well I hope this appetizer has served its purpose

  2. Chimere Kanu says:

    All will be well

  3. Ojoge says:

    That’s a great piece there

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Thank you Tommy ❤️

  4. Mr Olami says:

    I’ve met with scores of couples through the years. And one of the first points I is that “desire” does not equal love.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Interesting point! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Oluwadamilola Olukeye says:

    Love this look into a new area of your life. It’s so brave of you to share. May God guide us all

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Girllll it took a whole lot to share

      Thank you sweetie ❤️❤️

  6. Olowookere Olayinka says:

    So brave of you to share

    It’s a good piece. Getting to know you has been fun.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Thank you very much for reading and your lovely comment

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