ETP Talks: How Crying on cue saved my family from extortion!

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  1. Nkem Andrea says:

    Elisabeth no dey carry last.. This is so funny

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Lool glad you enjoyed it

  2. ibrahim gbadebo says:

    Lol! Drama queen from JJC herself.
    I tried to picture what that looks like
    Next time, obey traffic rules.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Lool yeah yeah

  3. Oma says:

    I can’t even imagine the scene.

    1. ETPBLOG says:

      Lool it was hilarious

  4. Bukslove says:


  5. Chisom Tadas says:

    Oh wow! You’re good! This must have been a sight! At least they let you go

  6. Catherine Haba says:

    You’re actually too much this one had me crying of laughter, let me practice crying on cue

  7. Oluwatofunmi says:

    Looool Ireti Doyle got nothing on you!

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