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Beneath my beautiful

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  1. A compendium of wonderful skills

    1. Gloria says:

      thank you.

  2. Feminist says:

    Hi to the real Gloria underneath her beautiful,

    Thank you for letting us, your fans, in. From what we’ve seen, it’s a highly privileged place to be and we appreciate it. We also want to tell you that you are very valued and we look forward to the snippets of you that we get every Monday. We want to tell you that even though we haven’t seen you before we already know you are beautiful because of your eloquence and intelligence that exudes from your writing. We want to tell you that we are fascinated by the mystery of you. We want to tell you that it’s okay to have problems, emotional or not.

    We want to tell you to give more people a chance. We want to tell you that your Favourite musicians are far away but the people that you tell everything but nothing about yourself to are close to you. We want to tell you that suppressing emotions hasn’t ever helped anyone in the long run.

    Gloria, we love you and appreciate you. We hope you get better truly, from the inside.

    Your Butterflies

    1. Gloria says:

      lol @ fans, the waterworks are kinda threatening to let loose in all their glory. you know what I love most about butterflies, they’re ugly as caterpillars, some are early bloomers while others just love to be fashionably late, but when they metamorphous, even Joseph’s coat pales in comparison to their beauty. So yes be butterflies, grow and be beautiful. I love you and I promise that for once, I’ll heed my own advice too.


  3. Olamide says:

    That was a beautiful piece, it reminds me of my early years but thankfully I saw that I was beautiful beneath quite early and now I enjoy the confidence I ooze now, thanks to God

    1. Gloria says:

      thanks for the comment ma’am.

  4. Betsie.. says:

    Maybe I’ve only looked from afar, but I think I’ve gotten close enough to boldly say that beneath your beautiful, you are indeed beautiful. I’ve always asked myself if I’d judge others from afar or wait till when I’ve listened to their story (which is very different from other Peoples’ and with many chapters) and yours has just reaffirmed that I need not look from afar or listen to a story and then judge, I’d just start out on a blank sheet, and with each passing day, I’d only flip another blank sheet. I just wouldn’t judge, rather I’d focus on the beauty everyone has got. You’ve got a big bundle. I’m glad to have read this, thank you.

  5. Betsie says:

    I’ve always looked from afar, but on getting closer I can say that beneath your beautiful you’re beautiful. I’ve always wondered if I’d keep looking from afar to judge people or if I’d wait to hear their story. Yours has just reaffirmed that I need not do either, I’d only start out on a blank sheet and flip the next blank sheet the day after. I’d only hold on to the beauties everyone has got. You’ve got a bundle. Thank you for this.

    1. Gloria says:

      Hi Betsie, that comment brought tears to my eyes. There’s a disadvantage to judging a book by its cover, one might actually miss out on the beautiful story constructed on the inside, I’m glad you this, thank you too and you’re welcome.

  6. Athanatos says:

    It’s was silly of me to think I was special, I know that now. But I tell you what it took years to realise and still takes effort to accomplish (though worth it);the world is subjective, it’s both good and evil just like those who dwell in it, but you the can choose to see it one way more than the other. One can therefore wine and dine in the valley of the shadow of death and neither fear evil or even regard it.
    Also one can learn to be content with understanding and loving another without being perceived or understood. But it’s arduous. This is the only rest we have who can find no niche in the world

  7. Gloria says:

    the only rest we have in the world does not seem like much, does it?

  8. Athanatos says:

    Yah, it doesn’t, does it? I could say that those who do this have learned to love people more and need them less. But that would mean never getting attached which is impossible. I simply speak based on the life of Jesus. However that pretentious advice is all someone like me can give

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