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  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely true. ��I see it as a very cruel act. And because of my faith it's seen as a great big sin (murder, btw faith aside its still killing someone and that is horrible. I do hope more people get to read this ☺.

  2. Angelinah Peters says:

    Thank you Elizabeth for this post, it is meant only for Heaven seekers. The Mighty God wants us to repent of every sin, if we genuiely repented; He is ready and willing to forgive us all of our sins.
    Any unrepented sin can wait at the gate of Heaven to condemn the sinner to hell fire.
    May the mercy and the grace of God help us all to genuinely repent and forsake all sin in JESUS Mighty name.
    This is a call for repentance.
    Thank you once again for the post. God bless you in JESUS Mighty name.

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