Hello everyone and welcome to the new year edition of ‘For Butterflies’, my name is Gloria and it’s nice to be writing this once again. It is a new year and usually January 1&2 are for merriment and fun but for me, all that ends on January 1, the woes of medical school*sigh*. I’m sorry the post is coming a little late, I got to school and met dust, so I had to do some cleaning.So what’s up for 2017?

I have never been one to have a resolution or goal, I’m usually just content to go with the flow and let things come my way, it seems to work for me, or so I thought until I started to see that going with the flow is not all it’s cut out to be; there’s a downside to it, a result of floating whichever way the tides take you is the fact that you’ve got no control over your fate. Oh I know that no one really controls their fate as the Good Book says in Ecclesiastes; it’s all about time and chance, I get that fact, but then have I ever been ready for that time and that chance? Since I never actively go seeking it out, what are the chances that it’ll flow in with the tide, will I be that lucky? These were the questions I kept asking myself as 2016 came to a close.

And so I decided to switch things up majorly, I decided to go all out, I’ve spent the last two decades being a mouse, why don’t I go get what I want for a change, even if it doesn’t work out the way I want, at least I’d have an adventure while doing it, and who’s to say I won’t succeed at it? I’ve decided to be fearless and just a little bit reckless, so who’s up for an adventure?