Hey people!

Today I’m going to give a step by step tutorial of the plaited high bun style. I actually got it off my little sister, it’s your regular bun but with a plaited back – which is great for people struggling with shorter back hair!

This hair style was achieved on heat-free stretched hair.


First, part your hair into two from ear to ear:
Next, French plait (didi) the lower half upwards
Whip out your edge control 😀
Use a bristle brush to smooth down those edges
Neatly bundle the top of your hair into a centre puff

Brush your hair over your donut ring

Neatly bind the hair over the donut ring once it’s all evenly distributed.
This is what you should get at the back:
Side View:

Front Grin 😀 

 I hope this pictorial was helpful : )

Have a blessed day !