It’s Monday again and here I am with nothing to write so you can just close the page… I jest.
I’ll begin with a question; is what you have enough? 
The world has always been for creatives (even if that happens to be a relatively new word to most of us on this side of the global village) but creativity just like the universe has never been static, it’s a constantly evolving phenomenon, where painters had to use a brush and a canvas, we now have drawing tablets, where singers had to use proper recording studios and gadgets and stuff, one can be in the comfort of one’s room and record a whole album, there are so many personal writing blogs, so many fashion creative using the social media as their platform etcetera.
This brings me to the question; Is talent enough? Has it ever been enough? Does it even matter? Technology has done so much that you can look better, sound better, draw better, design better and be better -in a sense- than you really are, so where does talent really stand in all these? I really cannot say.
And then there is practice, tweaking one’s creative streak, pruning and adding, which leads to another question, is talent really in born or does one develop it over time, is it really about talent or the lack of it, I will infamously say I really do not think it matters in the grand scheme of things. I do think what really matters in our vast world of materials is originality.
Originality is a really hard thing to come up with in a world where it feels like every idea you think of is already on a website or blog post, in a video or out in the fashion world. I think it takes a lot of hits and misses to get an original, maybe some people come upon it in a blinding flash of insight (lucky mother**s), but I’m willing to bet my spleen that they’re exceptions to the rule.
So what’s it gonna be, do we completely do away with the notion of talent, since it’s not really a separating factor and stick to creating new unique ideas with what technology has provided us or am I wrong to think that talent really HSS nothing to do with success in this day and age?