Rain beats relentlessly against my skin,
I pray it penetrates and cleanses me from within,
But i know that nothing can purge this heart of sin;
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
I put one foot in front of the other, 
the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step they say,
But imagine walking that thousand miles,
only to realise you went the wrong way.
I can feel the stares and glares of the onlookers
Catching looks of disapproval from pastors and even the hookers,
But who am I to complain,
Why can’t they all be like this rain
That’s treats us all equally
Not with pity or disdain
But falls on us all the same 
whether born into abject poverty..
or into money and fame. 
It gets harder to walk
It wasn’t always this way.

There used to be a group of us…
Now I’m alone… that chin goes up
Defiance is my only form of defence
Defiance of society and all its pretence 
I feel like everyone can see through me
Like their opinions are Xrays on my thoughts
I’m actually scared…
Emotions and feelings have me shaking like branches in a storm
I have tried to ignore this for too long
And I had hoped that like the incessant nagging of a troubled wife it would eventually ebb and I would be okay but…
Jesus is the only way right now and I admit it…
Because this is a truth… 
and like all other truth it sets me free
The best part though 
is that this isn’t just A truth… 
it’s The truth… 
I’m scared… of tomorrow, 
of other people, 
of myself… 
The Bible says that He has done all things well…
So I keep walking
Putting one foot in front of the other 
Praying I meet you at my destination.

I got a little help with this one as it means so much to me, so I wanna give a little shout out to my inspiration, Khloe.

Written by Isaac Peters