Resentment – is a “strong word” by many people’s dictionaries, including mine. I used to think I was incapable of actually being able to describe my feelings for someone with that word but life comes at you fast sometimes, lol.
Although that’s the title of the post, this is actually about overcoming that emotion. It’s super unhealthy and practically of no good use to anyone. I remember a quote, “hating someone is like shooting yourself and expecting someone else to feel the pain”. Sometimes, no scratch that, most times, for you to feel an emotion as deep as resentment towards someone, they probably did say or do something that would make your feelings understandable and expected. It’s sad but it happens. Be it a cheating partner, backstabbing “friend” – any of these can lead to the build up of some really strong emotions which, if not kept in check, could result in very rash, regrettable decisions.
So how do you get over the feeling of resentment? You don’t. You go through it. There’s no point fake smiling and repressing your emotions and telling yourself you’re over it only for the sight of the person to cause an eruption of bitter emotions all over again. You have to go through it. Go through the stages of grief that apply to you – because it only angers you because it has upset you – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Going through it helps you come to terms with what has happened, it gives you a chance to view the situation without a clouded mind and you just might be able to see the other person’s point of view, no matter how bad the person’s actions may have been, there has to be a reason.

So, for any “beef” you’ve said “it’s fine” about when you know you haven’t really cleared it but you just pushed it back, I’d advise you take my advice – it’ll leave you feeling a lot more happier in the long run, I can tell you that for free :)

Till next time,

ETP xo


  1. True talk Liz… If you go about stacking up resentments and living a fake happy life, you’ll find that depression won’t be that hard to come by. +Positive vibes only+