Have you noticed that many people hail from a christian home and yet they don’t live decent lives? 

Do you know why? I will tell you. It is because of their parents. Many parents appear to be pious, they pray, fast, read their bible and attend church services. They even take up leadership roles in their respective churches. These set of parents are their true selves when they are at home, but what people see in them at the place of worship when they are dressed in their finest clothings is only a facade. That is where they always put up their best behaviour.

 At the place of worship they are loved by all but at home, they are not really loved by their children because all they do daily is yell, condemn, blame, nag, judge, insult and indulge in all kinds of ungodly acts. They tell their kids to do certain things but they don’t practise what they preach. Some preach love to their children but their children don’t feel loved by them. These children will find it hard to accept the double standard. That is why many have gone wayward. If parents live a pious life it will be easier for their children to do the same.
If you are a parent or a parent to be, teach your kids the word of God and also model it to them. Ensure that what you say and do are the same. Spend quality time with them and have a good relationship with them. Relate with them in a manner that will make them have confidence in you and be ready to discuss any issue bothering them with you. The only way to have a good kid is to be a good parent. Don’t just be a role model but be the best role model they can ever have. 



By VICTOR D.O (Twitter: @iamvictordo)