Oh 2016! What a juicy way to start!

Not since Wizkid vs Skales has twitter been so lit for a Nigerian Celebrity squabble, but leave it to the heads of the two reigning musical dynasties in Nigeria to heat things up. Let’s dive right it.

The Headies awards were last night. Reekado Banks (Mavin) and Lil Kesh (YBNL) were both nominated for the NEXT RATED artist category. Lil Kesh was the favorite to win: Understandably, I mean have you listened to “Efejoku”? Well surprise surprise, Reekado Banks won the award, along with the prize, a brand new SUV.

Yes, I do. Of course Baddo Sneh himself did not like it. And he decided to pull a Kanye. Olamide decided he would not let it go.
Good for him, the opportunity to speak presented itself. AdekunleGOLD Gold won the award for Best Alternative Song and Olamide was there to receive it along with the entire crew. He then said, “Adekunle, this award belongs to Lil Kesh because Lil Kesh is our next rated. F**k that s**t! Baba Iya Eyan (Translation: Somebody’s Mother’s Father). Street ti take over. Every f**king single was a hit back to back. From Lyrically to Shoki to Efe Joku. Koni dafun iya anybody. (Translation: It will not be well with their mothers”)

He spilled the drink in his hand and left the stage in anger.

And he got us all watching like

Now it should have ended there. But the God of Twitter Ng banter was alive and working, so Don Jazzy was bitten by the diss bug.

He was given the special recognition award and took the time to say “I don’t like awards. I came out to support my children. Egbon Olamide, if you want the car come and collect it.” 

Here is where it gets interesting. Olamide hadn’t called out Don Jazzy or Mavin directly. In fact, it was more like his reaction was directed at Headies and the organizers. But I guess don jazzy felt that the shoe fit him. And decided to clapback. Hard.

Well what happens when you look for a Lagos Street King’s trouble? Olamide went wild. He became livid. And in the process produced the best Nigerian Celebrity rant in twitter history. Epic. Extraordinary. Raw. See for yourself.


This one was my favorite.

Well from his banter we can at least derive a few things

He was really really really mad at Don Papa J

He really cares for Lil Kesh

He has not lost his Agbero (thug) roots at all

He wasn’t directing his comment at Don Jazzy and was thus highly disrespected when jazzy called him out

He is not Dbanj lol
Well that was all it took to stimulate twitter NG and some of the funniest ever tweets began to pop out of the situation. First it became clear that Olamide has made the Lagos State waste Management Authority (LAWMA) popular, with the new saying “Leave trash for LAWMA”

 I want this shirt for New Years by the way

 Then LAWMA themselves realized it.

That’s just so cool.

Soon twitter was creating an imaginary diss track. 

It wasn’t long before celebrities began to weigh in, mostly supporting Olamide. Or faking neutral but still behind Olamide.

Well it became a serious battle, as in real life their fans began to clash even outside the Landmark Events Center where the Headies were holding. On Twitter, exchanges of words began between the real “street” people and those who like Mavin. It became clear though that while YBNL has everyone’s eardrums on Lockdown, Don jazzy and his crew being more social media savvy, got people voting more. So though the Lil Kesh fans were angry, it came down to the question: Who Voted more?

 The incident also made people start to rethink Don Jazzy’s musical prowess, after all, he seems to clash regularly with people in the business.

I doubt that though.

And poor Aphrodija. She reacted too obviously to Don Jazzy’s car comment, and twitter took her to the stakes. Eeya.


LOL! Nigerians!!

It was crazy. But we all loved it, don’t lie, you chuckled at the tweets too.
Well Don Jazzy has not said a word about the incident, though Lil Kesh and Reekado did the mature thing and exchanged pleasantries.



Later during the day Olamide realized he probably was extreme (just a little) about the whole thing, and apologized to the fans (only the fans) on his Instagram.

Sweet, but we were really not mad about the swearing (out of everything!). Well that’s how it all went down guys. The craziest Nigerian Awards Show night ever. Whose side are you on? Who went too far? Do you even care? Comment and let me know. 

Always keeping you updated, 

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