Hi everyone! Today’s post is an interview and introduction to Synconarho Group. It’s in the advertising section because this is also a paid advert of the company and their very useful products and services – read all about them below!


Welcome Engr Synclair Amarahobu, How you doing today?  
Oh I am doing great, we thank God.

sync boss
Engr Synclair Amarahobu, CEO and Founder of Synconarho Group.

It has been said that you are the founder and currently the CEO of Synconarho Group, how did that come up; what inspired you?

Synconarho staff at work.

Well I have always wanted to become an Employer of labor, to have my own company since when I was very little. A company just like the Dangote group, or like Mike Adenuga, the CEO of Conoil and Globacom.
I had this company name long ago since when I was in Junior secondary school 3 (JSS3), So ever since then I have thought of owning my dream company and I worked towards it.

You also went to Afe Babalola university?
Oh! Yes I did, but I didn’t graduate from there. I was always into business, right from 100 level. I was also into social activities, always sponsoring shows, I was even nicknamed Mr No Worries and Synclair-Money, because I ventured into any single show at school back then and  ended up sponsoring most of them.

CEO and staff member, Synconarho Group

You mentioned that you left the school, may I ask why?

I left because, that time I wasn’t too academically sound, my father said I played too much and I always focused more on business than school.
But I also had an issue with a student, I collected some cash to sponsor a show and it flopped.

Why did a show that you ventured into flop, since you’ve been into business for some time now?

It flopped because then I didn’t know what was called “Calculated Risk”. I decided to sponsor a show unknown to me that it was the first show the girl [show’s organiser] had ever embarked upon; so I made a big mess of myself. We invited the host in person of Alex Ekubo for the event.

So what school did you then graduate from?
Ahmadu Bello university, Zaria.

Heard you’re a twin?

Yes I am, her name is Cynthia Amarahobu.

Cynthia Amarahobu, sister to CEO of Synconarho Group

So, what were you working as before you lifted off Synconarho Group?

I was the assistant Technical Officer at NNPC Towers Abuja for 3years and 2months in the year 2010-2014, and later moved to bring my dream company to a reality by founding Synconarho Group in March 2014.

Synconarho Staff at work

Tell us more about Synconarho Group, it sounds like it means a lot to you.

Synconarho Group has been serving the Abuja community since 2014.  We specialise in Total Facility Management, Computer Technology Systems installations and sales, computer services, Security Surveillance Systems and we also offer other quality and reliable Products and Services.

Above all, we have an experienced team, who are skilled in handling high Tech products and we are a cautious company that can be trusted with projects such as installation of CCTV Surveillance systems, Inverters, Access door control, Solar panels and many others.

Combination of Administrative & Business development team members

We are a total solution company that provides maximised satisfaction to our clients and the general public in order to aid the changes of societal problems.

You can Contact us on Info@synconarhogroup.com, or simple like our Facebook page and follow our LinkedIn page:

Thank you for your time Engr Synclair Amarahobu.

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