Hey guys! So I just realized that I don’t write much about my actual day to day life which is based here in medical school lol – so here’s to sharing this part of ETP :)
So today I had an exam, it was my first time doing a long case – don’t know what that is? I’ll enlighten you. Long case exams are a type of medical school examination in which you are given a fixed amount of time to ask all relevant questions (take a history) and examine the patient, come up with a diagnosis, write a plan of management and present the case to a consultant. The consultant will then ask you questions, that could be related to the case, or be absolutely abstract; so you have to be very well prepared for literally anything.
As you can see, so much is left to chance; what disease your patient has, how cooperative the patient will be during the exam, the kind of questions you’ll be asked – everything is literally unknown, and when so much is in chance’s hand, I’ve learnt to hand it over to God instead, and so far He hasn’t let me down. Oh I didn’t mention the fact that my spoken Yoruba isn’t up to exam standard, I can get by in the market and stuff, but under exam tension, it’s not the best lol; so far I’ve been privileged to have patients that speak English well – it is something I do not take for granted at allllll.

This is just a little peek into the medical student life that’s naturally full of stressors and anxiety, one just has to take it a day at a time and finally arrive at the finishing line; it’s not so far anymore :)


  1. I’m excited for this series! I’m a medical student too (in Zimbabwe) and it’s interesting to read relatable articles. Oh and I love that you get your strength from God and experience His awesomeness too:)

    • Hey Ruvarashe! Thank you so much for reading, I’m glad you know about the secret strength source that is in God; it’s awesome isn’t it? I’ll definitely pay your blog a visit 😀