Gloria: I would get my face beat, but I’ve got two left hands, but one of these days i will learn sha, one of these days.
Liz: You’ve been saying this for the past God knows how long, anyhow sha, one day is always one day.
Gloria: What’s your own?
Liz: *Side eyes to Gloria* So guys today we are going to be talking all about the magic known as make up.
Gloria: Well, I don’t think it has any scientific definition, if you have it feel free to drop it in the comments.
Liz: When will you change?
Gloria: Hahaha. Never.
Liz: Smh. Anywaysss, what is it about make up that causes all this wahala on social media anyways? Guys be shouting up and down when they see MUA’s before and after pictures of their clients.
Gloria: Seriously though, make up aka Face Beat is the art of projecting what you want people to see, in terms of your body art, but mostly it’s about your face. I know you guys are expecting us to take a side as to whether make up is good or bad, but honestly, that’s story for the gods o.
Liz: Honestly, the world is pushed by motives, so only we know why we do what we do, so every action, including the application of make up has a motive behind it – could be self worth, the way you view life in general, the way in which you see your life’s direction or even hunger sef –
Gloria: *claps* you go girl, see you are learning.
Liz: – And that’s okay.
Gloria: Okay guys, back to the issue at hand, everyone has got something that they do which we don’t have explanations for. For some it might be drinking garri in the night..
Liz: Please – what does that have to do with the issue at hand?
Gloria: Don’t be such a grouch – as I was saying before she interrupted – I’ve got things I don’t like about myself, some on my face, some generally in my body and I think that’s okay, because it’s not even healthy to even like yourself too much sef.
Liz: It’s a lie o, love yourself fully please.
Gloria: let me land before I brake na, what I’m trying to say is, if your love of self is based on the things you are physically alone, or the things you can do, what if they go away, if they leave suddenly, and then you don’t have them anymore? So loving yourself isn’t about just loving your face, or your body or your A-cups, it’s about loving yourself because you are worth loving, and why are you worth loving? Because you are a human being, because we are all God’s children, and all God’s children deserve to be loved – ask Michael Jackson.
Liz: you were going so well till that random MJ reference. But yeah I agree with the sensible parts, make up is neither good nor bad – it more depends on whether it’s something you need as compared to something you use to enhance your natural beautyyyyyyy.
Gloria: Honestly, no one has got it all, not even Rihanna, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t slay, whether or not she’s wearing make up. Slaying doesn’t depend on how much make up you have on or not, it’s more about the confidence you exude even when you look like death warmed over.
Liz: Just a tad bit too graphic Glo, don’t you think?
Gloria: But it drives on the point. Honestly, I’ve got good days and bad days. Like I have these idiosyncrasies, and I think everyone has them; for example: when its that time of the month, I believe I look my best in the whole month on the first day, but the second day, I get these huge zits appearing from nowhere and I just feel in my head that I’m bloating – but I’ve still got to go to class – those are the days when my weapons of armour i.e. powder, lipgloss, lipstick, eye pencil – all those things sha, come with me to battle.
Liz: Oshey Warrior Princess!

Let me take a moment to flip the coin –  as you may know that I don’t wear make up on a normal day – believe I’ve had GUYS ask if I had financial difficulties based on this observation? So because I don’t wear make up that means I can’t afford it? How much is eye pencil pls pls?
Gloria: Bahahahahaha, awe sorry o, anyways though guys, what’s wrong with the fact that people wear make up to enhance their beauty? We’ve only got one life right? One chance at happiness – what’s wrong with doing what makes you happy? If a dose of foundation and concealer, highlighting and contouring gives you the boost you need to get through a mighty long day, what’s so wrong with that?
Liz: What I don’t even get the most in all this is why guys take it so personal, saying things like “I must take my girl swimming on the first date o!” as though it wasn’t partly her make up skills that attracted you in the first place, abi you thought eyelids come in shades of blue and green?
Gloria: Leave those LASTMA people, shebi waterproof make up is now N10 million? That’s why I can’t wear one when we’re going to the pool.
Liz: See, us women, we sharp die.
Gloria: And that’s why we are the refined version of men, you think it was easy to get Adam to eat the apple?
Liz: You went thereeeee.
Gloria: I wanted them to know the gravity of the situation – we don’t have to be Donald Trumping about to rule the world.
Liz: Oshey Beyonce!

So from what we’ve discussed, you guys should have learnt a thing or two.
Gloria: It’s not about deception, it’s about what makes me happy – it’s never about you, it’s always about me.
Liz: My choice to use make up or the lack of it thereof is what it is – MY CHOICE.

Below is a video of a fabulous Youtuber, SincerelyOghosa talking about what we’ve said here and some more – check it out – but before you leave to the YT – drop your comments below on this topic – is make up a lie?
Gloria: What she said. I just wanted to have the last word.
Liz: SMH.


  1. This was an amazing post o!!! Make up is about perception. But what pisses me off the most is when guys say they like a girl without make up, and they are so attracted to her when she is caked up SMH! But basically we need to understand that it is not compulsory to make up or not, it is a thing of the mind. If we accept this, the world will be a better place. This issue has been bugging me for a ehile sef.

  2. Nice post. .
    Make up could be really nice, if done properly. .
    But we shouldn’t make it an Idol, something we depend on. . We should learn to appreciate what we naturally look like too…

  3. This is brilliant! My stand on make-up is this: It’s all about confidence. Everyone has something they use to make themselves fully confident, whether it’s make-up or dressing up or whatever. Use make-up to give yourself that extra “oomph” if you want but don’t use it to HIDE yourself and don’t depend on make-up. This is the mistake I feel people make. This was a great read!! 😀

  4. Wow! That was fun to read and i totally agree, to add, (cause I must say my own) I think we should go beyond the point of “accepting” who we are to loving who are, knowing we are beautiful and perfect cause God calls us perfect, would reflect in who we are, wether we wear makeup or not, I would have continued with what jewel said except Jewel already said it( I now remember why I always promise myself to comment early) anyhoo… Thanks again for this. #okbye

  5. Nice conversation u girls got going there 4 a while @ least if dre’s 1 thin I knw, Dr Liz lik I wud kal her is not an omo talika, meaning she ain’t so poor nt 2 afford a make up kit. Buh I’d lik 2 rid wit Liz on dis 1 simply cz m 1 f doze guys who wud Neva kiss his girl even on my wedding day with stuff lik Victoria secret pink lipstick or scarlet on her lips. Though I ain’t against d use of make up buh it becomes a problem if I can’t recognize you when you take it off. Cheers…

  6. Wow!! Nice one dear.. Hmmn, this makeup issue is a serious something.. Personally, I don’t like make up. I feel more confident with my natural beauty. My issue with make up is the fact that it seemingly hides our flaws and imperfections and makes us look perfect and spotless. It makes us not to appreciate ourselves for who we are, it kinda reduces our self worth in my opinion, our worth becomes hinged to our appearance and acceptance. I want to be the lady guys turn around twice to admire not because of her face beat or skimpy clothes but because she is naturally beautiful and modestly dressed..

    • Thank you Shanyi! And you’re totally right it’s a serious issue but only so much can be covered in one blog post – a whole book could be written on it!

      And I feel the same way about being naturally beautiful and modestly dressed – modesty is the mantra !!

  7. I really cannot express how much i love this post. I also have the same issue, am not a fan of layers of foundation but i try to do a bit here and there to enhance my beauty. We all have that liberty to feel comfortable in our own skin and if it takes a little sparkle here and a bit of matte there then so be it…. There shld b no criticism because we truly aren’t born with blue eyelids…. Thanks for sharing……