Hey there ETP Readers and welcome to another episode of the ETP Instagram Style Feature! This week we have turned our camera 
on @moyosmiles – a beautifully styled Chemical Engineer from the University of South Florida! Let’s jump right in shall we?

 ETP: Hi, please introduce yourself to us.
Moyo: My name is Moyosore Ajeigbe 

& I’m a young chemical engineer *smiles*

Outfit Plaid shirt- vintage Denim skirt- Charlotte Russe Sandals- Charlotte Russe Clutch- Aldo

ETP: thanks Moyo, I really like this first outfit – where were you going this day? And where would you advise someone where this outfit to?

Moyo: I went to church with that outfit. 

Well, plaid shirts are pretty versatile and can be dressed up or down. I did a little dressing up for this outfit and I’ll suggest it for a business casual occasion or lunch with friends.

Outfit Hat- forever 21 Top- forever 21 Skirt- sheinside Shoes- Charlotte Russe

ETP: This outfit is beautiful! How else would you advise someone wears fluorescent clothing?
Moyo: I think Fluorescence is a bold fashion move and I would even say I played it a little safe in this outfit *laughs*

The skirt was already speaking for itself and I wanted it to stay at the center of attention which is why I styled it with neutral colors.

But for an even bolder statement to be made, I’d say you can decide to go all out with fluorescence popular known as neon colors.

For example: I could pair the skirt with a fuchsia pink top with a statement necklace and swap the pumps for strappy sandals

Outfit Top- sheinside Skirt- sheinside Sandals-boohoo

ETP: This fit is so classy – what do you feel about pattern in pattern?
Moyo: Pattern on pattern is a tricky one. There was a time you’d get crucified for even attempting to go down that line but I’m glad we’ve broken those boundaries in the fashion world

My advice: you either go hard or go home with patterns – You can’t be halfway.

So if you want to do it, make sure you’re super confident in it.

Outfit Dress- sheinside Shoes- Charlotte Russe

ETP: Last but not least – tell us what you think of the midi length and give a couple examples of other ways you could wear this dress ☺️
Moyo: MIDI dresses are my favorite piece of clothing ever! 

They are very comfortable and can fit in to almost any occasion. 

In the past couple of years, I’ve tried to make decency my priority in my style and midi dresses have been the easiest way to do that

There really isn’t so much for different ways to wear a midi dress other than to switch up on accessorizing.

Pair it with strappy sandals, carry an envelope shaped clutch and for lower necklines, add statement necklaces

For a more sophisticated look, a fascinator won’t be a bad idea and of course that depends on the occasion.

ETP: Another question – what would you say influences your style and how do you describe your style in one sentence?
Moyo: My style is mostly influenced by my mood and the foundation is to be as modest to the best of my knowledge as possible. 

I’ll describe my style as simply sophisticated. I usually take the simplest things to paint sophistication
ETP: This is beautiful Moyo, thank you for your time!
Moyo: Anytime love, thanks for the feature.
Moyo blogs at moyosmiles.com 

She also has a Christian group which you can follow on Instagram @girlsintiaras
Here’s a little about her Christian group:

Moyo: My hope and vision for this group is to build a community of young women who understand their worth in Christ, encourage each other to grow in their relationship with Him and inspire others to see themselves the way God sees them – royalty.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s style feature! If you have someone in mind that you would want ETP to do an Instagram style feature feel free to drop a comment or send an email!