Hey people! So this week is about something a lot of us can relate to – having haters. Now, before I moved universities I really didn’t believe I could actually have haters, not that I thought everyone I met thought I was their cup of tea of course, but I believed that if you live as peaceably as possible, no one should actively hate you.
How wrong was I!!
My university transition story is a long, bumpy one that’s not completely done so I won’t go into details just yet but know this – you can be the most kind-hearted individual on the planet and someone will hate on you just for that quality itself. Crazy isn’t it.
Anyways enough pre-amble, now that we’ve established that having haters is a worldwide phenomenon, what is there to do about it? To be very honest I don’t believe there’s a one way response to all forms of hate. For example someone senior to me made some very snide remarks about my extracurricular activities but I just laughed along and rejected the curses inwardly – if that was a fellow student I might have responded differently – that’s if I had decided to respond at all.
I think all in all the important thing is to have a healthy state of self, knowing who exactly you are and why you’re on this planet goes a long way in providing confidence and strength to get through the unnecessary negativity spewed by others.
If you don’t know your purpose yet, don’t fret – just ask the Big Guy Upstairs in a little prayer, believe me He’s already ready to listen & respond :)