Fatigue has a way of making the bright blue sky of the morning appear as a bully that’s forcing you to start a new day complete with its challenges against your will. Waking up tired is so annoying, especially when you don’t have the option of going back to sleep, not even in your mind lol, because your brain is immediately put under pressure first thing in the morning – “what’s the management of this disease?”

Anyways. Since I’ve brought up management let’s talk about managing tiredness. Every person that’s trying to do big things in their lives that are beyond their natural reach, tends to experience tiredness so we’ve gotta have a way of managing it, let me tell you mine and you can comment yours so we can all learn from each other :)
1. Accept that you need rest.

There’s no point reading further if you still believe “you’re fine”. When your body is telling you it needs a break listen to it before it shuts down against your will.
2. Identify your stressor(s).

Many of us juggle various commitments but it may not be everything bringing you fatigue – take time to pick out the most stressful item(s) rather than shut down altogether only to be bombarded by all your responsibilities at once when you get back from your break.
3. Identify your stress relievers.

Sounds obvious but it’s good to take the time to know exactly how best you unwind, so you don’t waste time dilly dallying looking for it at the expense of your very little energy left. Sometimes, one of your responsibilities could be a stress reliever, like for example, when I’m stressed at school I find writing to be a release – which produces a blogpost that keeps this place going; get to hit two birds with one stone that way.
4. Last but not least – Relax.

In your mind too! You haven’t relaxed till your mind has taken a break; if you’re fortunate enough to go get a full body massage but your mind is racing about issues at work – you most likely won’t get the relief you seek. 
Alright! I’ll be expecting your advice to add to my anti-stress routine – please leave a comment below :)


  1. Yeah! I can tell you that between flying across galaxies and posing for pics with my red, spanky-panties on blue trousers (it’s gotta trend one day) there’s a lot of stress I’ve gotta deal with.
    Let me throw my bit into the mix:
    1. As helpful as it seems in the ‘now’ don’t depend on any substance to ease your stress cos it is only a temporary fix… Trust me, the rush from red Kryptonite isn’t worth the hangover (i literally hang from my cape).

    2. Rest in the midst of all the stress.
    Sounds funny but it works everytime! You have 2 minutes to catch a falling plane in asia, and 15 seconds later snatch the ‘box of red buttons’ out of trump’s itchy fingers… b
    But you’re stuck in the office of a yelling condescending boss who has a disturbing amount of evidence of devoured egusi in his teeth. Relaxing in the heat of the moment and not letting the stress get to you helps a lot in making good and quick decisions (my boss must assume i have a sensitive stomach).

    And finally..
    3. Re-allign with your purpose.
    If you don’t know yours yet you gotta find it. When you align your purpose (butt kicking for me ) with the job you do (saving lives ) stress becomes more like the muscle burn gym addicts enjoy… You know, “feel the burn”. It also allows you see the end of whatever’s stressing you and sail through without getting caught up in little pesky details. Again, if you haven’t defined WHY you live, then you should do that now.


  2. Like you’ve got an x-ray of what has been happening and what happened overnight to me. Had to take today off to become a fashion designer. God bless you for this wonderful timely piece.

  3. The three ways I deal with stress are
    1) Pray: Always helps, especially wen I got no one to talk to
    2) watch comedy skits or bids: helps me laff away whatever pain am feeling at that moment, it has always worked for me
    3) Music: This has over the last two decades of my life proven to be one of the best and most effective stress relievers, I almost love music more than life itself, but not just any music, I mean soulful music, those types that take you round the world and back eg Asa’s Bibanke or Timi Dakolo’s great nation and a couple of others. Not sure what I’d do without music for a week.
    4) Extreme Long walks and Work Outs: I go for long walks mostly, when am angry, I walk twice faster my normal pace, making people around think am rushing off somewhere, but actually I am just trying to kill the venom in me. Sometimes I walk as far as 3 to 4 miles before I stop and head back to base. Work outs, which I do almost every weekend, helps me to burn out excess tension and somewhat feel relaxed.