Hey everyone 😀
Today a rather funny incident occurred in class
which led to one of my readers advising me to do a fashion post for the males – so here we are – shout out to him! J
His request was along the lines of
appropriate cooperate dressing for guys so I got a few guys in my class to take
part in a quick photo shoot session between lectures – so let’s get right down
to it!


Here we have an example of
the absolutely easiest to achieve cooperate style: a plain white shirt, coupled
with a mildly patterned tie. Play safe by combining it with a black belt, black
trousers and black shoes. It’s practically a no-brainer; minimal effort but
you’ll look the part.
Slight upgrade from classic,
as it requires a hint more of thought processing to put together. In the
example above, you see that though the pinstripes are rather faint, they are
within the color scheme of the shirt, which makes accessorizing it simpler. The
black satin tie is fastened by a silver tie clip, which harmoniously rhymes
with his black belt and silver buckle. If you want, you can go the extra mile
and match your wristwatch to your ongoing theme, everyone likes extra points 😀
Pop color
Here we have something
similar to Classic, but instead of the plain canvas white shirt, you can insert
a bright colored shirt. In the example, the model has paired his pink shirt
with a uniquely patterned tie, albeit dull colored. The dull coloring of the
tie is important as the shirt’s color in itself is an attractant, so combining
a bright shirt and a bright tie would create a fight for attention between the
two – nobody wants to be that guy.
Statement Tie
Last but not the least, is
an example of when the tie is the leading factor of the outfit. This styling
generally requires much more effort, but with practice becomes second nature.
As seen on the model, a crisp, plain white shirt has been paired with a
beautifully decorated tie. The core color of the tie, black, has been matched
with the belt on his waist and the strap of his wristwatch; while the chino-brown
patterns on the tie were delicately played upon by matching them with both his
trousers and the face of his wristwatch.
I hope this blogpost has been helpful,
thank you once more to my lovely classmates turned models who let me put up
their cooperate style 😀


Feel free to comment your own ideas 😀