Hey, hello there J
Ever felt like
everyone’s looking at you? Sometimes they really are, like when you drive on
the wrong side of the road in a foreign country, but other times, it could be a
great exaggeration on your part.
Being the first
born in my household, I’m no stranger to high expectations. I’m like my parents’ lab rat: “let’s take her for
after school classes” “let’s make her take her GCSEs early” “let’s send her to
Nigeria for secondary school”
– boy have I had an interesting life – but
that’s a story for another day haha.
I could easily
have crumbled under all the pressure to do well, but thankfully I didn’t – and
you shouldn’t either. Use the pressure to pump the tires of your life’s vehicle
and press on. Do not do things based on what others will say but rather because
of what you aim to achieve when you succeed.

Think of how
you’ll feel when you cross that finish line then keep at it – you may have
people cheering and others booing but only you can push yourself to complete
your race. Make your own realistic expectations and accomplish them – you’ll be
glad you did it J


  1. Nice one, Bethy…..indeed many people give up when too much pressure is on them, when they should be using the pressure to pump there life's vehicle……Really nice