Oh my goshhhh guys I don’t think I can encapsulate how excited I am to do this post! In a nutshell, it’s an interview with one of my absolute favourite artists in the whole entire world! This talented man is known as Faith Child (@FaithChildMusic on twitter) and he is the Ambassador and presenter for Uprise Music TV, which broadcasts on OHTV to 700,000 UK TV viewers and an estimated 25 million viewers worldwide. He won ‘Best Gospel Act’ and the 2011 BEFFTA Awards, ‘Best Hip Hop/Rap’ at the 2010 Gospel Music Awards, he has been nominated ‘Best Gospel Act’ for the MOBO Awards 2010 and for a Dove Award in the States early 2011, and was invited to Downing Street by the UK Prime Minister for tea! I think you guys can get an idea of why I’m such a huge fan by now – let’s get stuck into this exclusive interview shall we?


Hi FaithChild! This is so nice of you to do this interview with me, thank you

Thank you for having me. I know you have been supporting me for a couple years now, so it’s only right we sit down and have a chat.

So as we already know, you’re a talented musician, what I want to ask now is what inspired you to go into music?

My siblings were in a big Gospel Rap group called Open Gate Crew, before the wave of social media, and being the younger sibling, I looked up to them. I was in the young group called God’s Inheritorz and we would tour and gig alongside them, resulting in me having my first tour at the tender age of 11. Years down the line, the group became a bit turbulent and I became the Beyonce of the group and went solo! The demand kept coming in, so I kept making songs. I don’t recall ever sitting down and making a conscious decision. I guess it is something God had planned from the get go.


It’s been years since you jumped on the scene; from way back when you made “I Like it”, to your numerous features on other tracks and now to the hot new songs on your latest album, “Airborne” – what keeps you going?

The feedback and the love, and the simple fact that I can’t keep performing old songs! Ha! A lady once heard my song ‘Just Pose’, and said the words touched her and gave her the strength to pull herself back together after a miscarriage. Now, the song has nothing to do with that, but somehow, God used it to talk to her. Than means more than any award and keeps me going during the testing periods. I can’t give up, as I am the light at the end of someones tunnel.

That’s super beautiful! You’re known to feature singers for your hooks and choruses; what criteria do you use when selecting a vocalist?

They have to be good and have the tone/edge that would take the song to another level. I believe that having a rap chorus can only take a song so far, but a singing chorus can take a song to a next level, as singing is more universal.


You’re a handsome man, a celebrity and also a man that’s rooted firmly in the Christendom, how do you cope with the attention, especially the female kind?

I feel like I don’t get much female attention, which many may find weird, or maybe I’m just blind to it all now. My reason for doing music and using my platform to help others outweighs the desire to respond in a way that counters my morals and beliefs. I also have a good set of people around me who can put me in check if ever I wander, which is great for anyone, whether you’re well known or not. It’s important to be accountable to someone you’re not afraid to be yourself around.

Lastly, do you have any words for your fans that you’d like to share?

Be the best you can be. I recently shared a Tweet that many liked. It said – Some people say in God’s timing to hide their inefficiency. You have to put the work in. If God multiplies your zero, it’ll still be zero. Give God something to work with. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started in order to be great. Regardless of your background and failures, you can still achieve great things.

Very inspiring words of wisdom, thank you once again for your time, Faith.