Saturday was a blast!

Dami & ETP

First thing we did (we being the awesome Damielle and yours truly) was meet up with my super cool friend Action who gave us a lift to Ebute Metta where King Pexxie Media House & DammyKrane’s Amin Foundation were holding a free malaria screening in honor of DammyKrane’s birthday!

ETP X King Pexxie
L-R: Action, ETP, Pexxie

The name of the event was “Kick Back Malaria” and Dami and I were on the medical team, so we did the malaria testing for anyone that came through – for absolutely free. We did more than a 100 tests and only got 4 positive results, which is good news, meaning most people in the region are well protected from malaria.

ETP & Dami at work
Look at the fear in his face haha
Dami kept getting the scared kids haha

Next up, we went to the awesome Nike Art Gallery and I was genuinely blown away by the pieces I saw there, it was spectacular.

Touchdown Nike Art Gallery!

Admiring the art work :)
Outfit details: Bubu dress by OJD, Sandals – Gaga Sandals
Me & My G Lool

My absolute favorite piece, took my breath away

Nigerian culture is beautiful.

Johnson & ETP

I met up with my friend Johnson too :)

ETP & Yinka

Dami brought her friend Yinka who was an awesome addition to our Island fun as she knew all about our next destination – the Lekki Conservation Centre!

We did the whole 7 tower canopy walk, it was scary at points haha but we made it!

Next we met up with the awesome Adewaras 😊

L-R Foluke, Omowunmi, Dami, Yinka, ETP

Then we all grabbed something to eat at MegaChicken where  I met my beautiful friends Dolapo & Yinka I haven’t seen in over a year! 

Dolapo & Yinka

It was a beautiful reunion ❤️
All in all I had a brilliant day in Lagos Island, I’d recommend it to you all!


  1. I see myself . This is a beautiful blogpost. Maybe I think so cuz I’m there, ha! . The pictures in the gallery are awesome!

  2. I have to do something like in Port Harcourt. I’ve been thinking about it for so long already. We want to be like you Dr Liz

  3. Only God said I should enter that picture, if not I won’t have been in the picture at all, you are sha a sly sha, see all the places you went to, you now left us alone to be kicking maleria alone, plus you also saw Balogun Yinka, Chai, hmmmm, I won’t just say anything.

  4. Yay! This is cool. Now I’ve got a website to give to my friends, when they come with their “tell me about Nigeria” palava