Hey lovely ETP Readers! This Feature Friday we have something a little different, I’m happy to introduce Aisida Moses Oluwakayode, a talented artist! Let’s get to know him and his art a little, shall we?
ETP: Hello! Please give us a little introduction to yourself.
Kayode: My name is Aisida Moses Oluwakayode and I’m an undergraduate here in our beloved country, Nigeria.

ETP: Yes out country is certainly well loved, so what do you like doing outside school?

Kayode: it would have to be drawing and sometimes writing, but drawing is number one.
ETP: And writing? What do you write about?

Kayode: I write based on feelings, I use my writing to explain my art in a different form at times.
ETP: Very cool! Please tell us about what makes you like drawing, like how did you start?

Kayode: I was inspired by a girl I had a crush on at the time lol. She draws too although in a different form. She made me believe that nothing’s ever lost. Talent is only buried. Waiting to be dug up. That’s how I started with smaller drawings of animals to people and Voila!! Three years gone and I still love drawing.

ETP: Such a beautiful story! Being that you’re almost done with school, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kayode: I see myself being a successful geologist with a family of my own and my art tearing across borders and being sold for unspeakable amounts and held in high esteem.

Most of all, I see myself being happy.

ETP: Most artists draw inspiration from something, or someone – what inspires what you choose to draw?

Kayode: In one word – Emotions.
ETP: Let’s have a look at some of your work:

ETP: This artwork is beautiful! What do you have to say about it?

Kayode: Earlier I mentioned that I use my writing to compliment my art, so here’s a little poem I wrote for this drawing:


“Ever since they met, their love has been evolving 

They have become an inseparable pair

Unconditional kind of loving

That’s what they both shared

They have had no one to rely on apart from each other 

Learning and improving on their strengths and errors 

And just as the ying and yang relate with dots in each other

They have become one, like a reflection in the mirror

Such is true love.” -Dynamo
Love so deep they’ve become reflections of each other. So pure that they exemplify the phrase “better half”
ETP:I absolutely love it! It’s literally my favorite piece, I wanna find a love like this haha. 
Kayode: *laughs*

What do you have to say about this masterpiece?


The butterfly and dog

What beauty Two unlikely beings of parallel character coming together Though for a brief moment To unsettle the laws of life and living 

To create a moment of nature’s weakness.

 To show that love is stronger than all 



A loop hole in nature

 A moment of beauty 

nature’s beauty 

Soul-soothing beauty.

ETP: Thank you so much for sharing your work with us here at ETP Blog! 
Kayode: It’s been an honor. Thank you.